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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is only the beginning

First time I (Ali Khademi) got familiar with BLOG and WEBLOGGING, was in 2000. Although at that time I knew this is the tools I have always been looking for when I was in KAMAL high shool, I believed I am too busy to do blogging.
Nowdays everybody including my sons (Amir Hossein, Ali Reza) have their own blog and if you look at the trends of technology and social relations, you will see how blogging plays roll.

Here in this weblog, I am going to mention different kind of problems I face every day and the way I solve them. IT related problems which might be very simple to very complicated, of course for me!

I am sure in future, our descendents will try to create a map of all their ancestors' blog and they will discover this weblog as a cove in the universe. This future is not far.

Before I close this post, I would like to mention some web sites.
My personal web (Ali Khademi) site is
This web site belongs to my company:
My wife's (Atieh Mohammadi) web site is
I am working at Quad Infotech APEX is an information awareness product of Quad Infotech.

Be a winner in your daily challenges!
Ali Khademi

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