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Friday, December 12, 2008

Hell of PowerBuilder 10.5 / Windows 2003 64x / Oracle 10g 64x

Today I wanted to deploy a COM object which is developed in PowerBuilder 10.5 on Windows 2003 64x. This COM object is called within a PL/SQL code and will write back some data to database.
When I tried to test the COM object with VB script, I noticed that first of all COM object cannot read the Windows registry. The next (most important problem) was this error:
Error 999, PowerBuilder Could not load OCI.DLL
I thought maybe this is because of my COM object. To test this, I developed an ordinary PB program that connects to the Oracle 10g database. Interestingly the same error message happned. I believe PowerBuilder 10.5 native Oracle connectivity does not support Oracle Client 10g 64x and it does not matter which DBMS you pick. ("O84 Oracle8/8i (8.x.4+)" or "O90 Oracle9i (9.0.1)" or "O10 Oracle10g (10.1.0)")

The other irony is the difficulty of fining clues on official Sybase or Oracle sites for this issue. In the Information Age which every body is the Information Company! you will have to spend some time to find a proper clue.

The other problem in PowerBuilder COM object is that for the reason that I do not know, you have to install Oracle MTS. Up to here is somehow understandable. But the problem is that you need proper version of Oracle MTS for the same Oracle client you have. Installing a new Oracle product is another nightmare. New products might go to a new home or might be installed on the top of the current Oracle home. In both cases dealing with Oracle Homes is a disaster!

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