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Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to install a Local Certificate Authority on your Domain

As you know CA is issued by an Authority to certify that you are you! If you want to obtain a CA not only you should pay money but also you should submit your documents to issuer and prove that you are you!
Now suppose that you just want to test a software for example Microsoft Office Communications Server and you need a temporary CA. Solution is not that much complicated.
If you are Linux or Unix oriented, you need to download an OpenSSL software, install it on your server and issue a certificate.
If you are Microsoft oriented, it is much easier. In Windows 2003, Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs -> Server components and select "Certificate services". You might need the installation CD. Follow the wizard:

1 - On the Certificate Authority Type page, verify that Enterprise root CA is selected, and then click Next.
2 - Enter the information for CA Identifying Information using the values in the preceding table. Click Next.
3 - On the Certificate Database Settings page, click Next to accept the default database and log locations.
4 - Click Yes to stop IIS.
5 - If you are prompted, provide the path to the Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition files.
6 - A dialog box may appear indicating that Active Server Pages (ASP) must be enabled. In response to whether you want to enable ASP now, click YES and close the dialog box.
7 - Click Finish.

Now you have your CA for your test server.

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