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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Virtualization and Cloning Your Virtual Windows

If you have started using Hyper-V on Microsoft Windows 2008, you might have found many new exciting and powerful featuers and at the same tiem you have found that many important features like Shared SCSI devices are lost which means creating virtualized clusters is hassle and challenging for you.
Anyway, the best thing with Hyper-V is to create you virtual Windows and clone it with copy/paste/rename of the VHD file and then create a new virtual Windows again.
The challenge in this between is SID of your new virtual Windows. Yes it is as same as original virtual one! A quick solution for you is using SYSINTERNAL's useful utility NewSID. You can download it from NewSID could be used for real or virtualized Windows
NewSID generates a random SID for the computer and replaces every occurrence of the old SID with the new one. NewSID can also change the name of the computer, which is useful if you've cloned a complete base image.
You can use the command line as well:

newsid /a [new_name]

Note that you will have to restart your computer.

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