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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration) Blocks Outlook's POP3 and SMTP Mail Accounts

It is quite possible that your computer resides in a protected network, behind a proxy (MS ISA or Intenet Security and Acceleration) and you want to use our Microsoft Outlook to receive your emails from your POP3 mail server. In this case you might receive error 0x80090040 or 0x80042108 telling you Outlook cannot find your server or cannot connect to your POP3.
To work around this, 3 steps should be done:
1 - Make sure POP3, SMPTP and DNS protocols are open on your ISA. For this you should have an access rule allowing those 3 protocols from INTERNAL NETWORK to EXTERNAL NETWORK.
2 - Open the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server management console, expand the server name and the expand the Configuration node then click on the General node. In the General node, click on the Define Firewall Client Settings link in the Details pane. In the Firewall Client Settings dialog box, click the Application Settings tab. Pickup Outlook and change Key Value of Disbale to 0

3 - On your local computer, reconfigure your ISA client to refresh its local cache. Make sure firewall client on your computer is enabled as it is responsible to route your requests to ISA server.

Now restart your Outlook and try send or receive again. I assume that you have correct configuration for your email account.

Be a Winner in Your Daily Challenges.

Ali Khademi

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